Company Profile

Master Fluid is a reality with 40 years experience in the fields of truck fitted systems and equipment for urban and environmental cleaning.

We constantly invest in innovation and quality with the aim of offering our customers products and services with a high technological and professional value.

Our main focus is to be a leader in our sector for quality and competence, able to meet customers' expectations in the development and personalization of products and services.

The plants, dislocated over an area of 5000 m2, are articulated in four operational areas: construction and assembly of high pressure units, set-up of industrial vehicles, technical services workshops and spare parts warehouse.

Master Fluid's production, both standard and customized to clients' specifications, and all related service activities are strongly qualified by our specialized skills, the efficiency of our organized and flexible production process and a sinergical dialogue with our customer base. This enables us to identify the most effective solution to the demands of each and every project.

The entire business process chain, from oreder management to planning, from the supply of raw materials to after-sales services, is regulated by optimized systems and subject to continuous re-examination.

In June 2014 Master Fluid merged with P.T.C. Srl.

P.T.C. Srl was founded in Genova in 1968 and is specialized in high pressure water jetting technology used primarily for the maintenance of petroleum processing plants, refineries, dry docks, civil engineering facilities and for many other industrial applications (sugar refineries, foundries, cement plants, power plants, etc.).

The merger of PTC and Master Fluid has enabled us to offer our customers a complete range of highly technological products and specialized services and to expand into new markets. We have been able to realize significant cost synergies and to concentrate in a single company two successful business realities, both on domestic and international levels.