Interclean 2018

For the first time, PTC Waterjetting decided to deal with what many people in the industry defined the "Cleaning Academy" and did it in the best way.

Interclean 2018 Tradefair Report.

IFAT 2018

This edition of IFAT wanted to focus the global attention on smart and innovative environmental technologies that are already part of our future.
This edition of IFAT has been extremely positive for PTC, going beyond the most optimistic expectations.

IFAT 2018 Tradefair Report.

PTC Hotbox

Mobile hot water generators.

Mobile hot water generators

Portable Unblocking Units 2018

High-pressure mobile waterjetting units ideal for cleaning and unblocking pipes or pipelines. The electric version can be used inside homes or commercial premises for unblocking sinks and toilets, as well as garden sumps. Powerful petrol version is ideal for cleaning sewage pipes, cesspools, tanks and industrial drains.

Portable Unblocking Units 2018

Ecological Steam Weed Control

To overcome the PROHIBITION and the restrictions regarding the use of pesticides and weed killers in protected outdoor areas such as kindergartens, schools, hospitals and crowded areas, the solution is ECOLOGICAL STEAM WEED CONTROL.

Ecological Steam Weed Control

Professional Visual Inspection Cameras

Push and motorized Professional Visual Inspection Cameras.

Professional Visual Inspection Cameras

Ecomondo 2017 Trade Fair Report

The date with Ecomondo was renewed this year too, from 7 to 10 November, the leader fair for green and circular economy in the Euro- Mediterranean area, a unique event that involves all circular economy sectors: from recycling materials and energy to sustainable development.

Download Ecomondo 2017 Tradefair Report.

Compact Trailer Series

The Compact Trailer CTR-C is a mobile and compact cold water pressure jetting unit used to clean sewers and professional drain-jetting jobs as well as high pressure washing and hydro sandblasting.

The Compact Trailer CTR-H is a mobile and compact water pressure jetting unit working with cold, hot water and steam for cleaning urban environments, sanitising, weed control and hydro sandblasting.

Compact Trailer Brochure (pdf)

Ecomondo 2016 Trade Fair Report

Bio-economy and energy efficiency – these were the most important topics of the twentieth edition of Ecomondo, the international fair dedicated to Green Economy which was held in Rimini from 8 to 11 November 2016.

This Rimini based exhibition represents the main business-to-business appointment for all those working in industry and services in a green key, combining economical and environmental sustainability.
Download Ecomondo 2016 Tradefair Report.

IFAT 2016 Trade Fair Report

The PTC - Master Fluid booth has captured the interest of visitors and professionals during all five days of the show. Download - IFAT 2016 Trade Fair Report.

Ecomondo 2015 Trade Fair Report

The PTC - Master Fluid booth has captured the interest of visitors and professionals during all four days of the show, in particular thanks to the new series of Built-In units for canal jet but also with its other units and accessories for urban cleaning. Download - Ecomondo 2015 Trade Fair Report.

Built-in series - Drain & Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Compact jetting modules suitable for van transport
Drain & Sewer Cleaning Equipment.

Torpedo Hotwater Urban Cleaning

Improved cleaning, hygiene and quality of urban environments. Quick removal of chewingum from every kind of surface (asphalt, concrete, natural stones, tiles.). Effective cleaning of graffiti from walls, monuments, urban fornitures, veichles. Cleaning, washing, renovation of surfaces and floorings, removal of organìc and pollutant residues, incrustations.

Quick and simple with Torpedo system.
For more information … Hot Water units

Cold Water Hydrodynamic Units

Rapid and effective operations everywhere Thanks to the compactness of units, to work also where the sewer cleaning/canal jet trucks have difficulty of access: town centres, pedestrian areas, narrow streets, subways, garages, yards.

Smaller investment, compared with the purchase of conventional equipments made on big and dedicated trucks.
For more information . Cold Water units

The very versatile Jet Trailer

The Jet Trailer is a compact mobile hydrodynamic unit ideal for the professional unblocking and cleaning of drains and sewers. It can be fitted out with a wide range of hydrocleaning and waterjetting systems to tackle almost any professional cleaning or washing requirement.
For more information …

Jet Trailer

Twister Leaf Vacuum

Leaf-clearing on roads, cleaning large areas after events, concerts, fairs, arkets, cleaning of squares and industrial areas. The high waste collection and compaction capacity of the container, the powerful suction unit, high load capacity and large pipe diameter, greatly reduce cleaning times and transportation to processing centres.
For more information . Twister Leaf Vacuum