Cleaning the inside of the sewage system? Blocked pipes? Discover the special ENZ nozzles.

ENZ TECHNIK is a Swiss company established in 1985 and specialized in the manufacture of hi-tech top-quality nozzles for cleaning blocked pipes and sewage systems.

Not only do special ENZ nozzles permit removing grease, lime-scale, sand, roots and any other material but, if used correctly, permit performing cleaning operations in less time, saving both hours of labour and energy consumption. Enz nozzles are designed so as not to damage pipes and can be used in an eco-friendly mode thanks to water recycling.

ENZ TECHNIK manufactures a broad range of special nozzles to cater to many different operating requirements depending on the type of deposit to be removed, with different flow rates and pressures (over 2500 bar).

  • Rotodrill standard nozzles

    Suitable for removing earth deposits and blockages

  • Rotating nozzles, with Bulldog and Gliding controlled rotation

    Suitable for industrial cleaning

  • Chain-operated root-cutting nozzles

    For the complete removal of roots, encrustations and deposits before rehabilitation or to eliminate concrete residues in just-installed sewage pipes.

  • Scrapers grit separator nozzles

  • Milling nozzles with percussion rotating heads and Widia and diamond teeth

  • Rotopuls-turbopuls vibrating rotating nozzles

  • ENZ Jetmax special ceramic inserts

  • • Special nozzles for equipment operating with recycled water

ENZ TECHNIK develops and proposes products with technology standards unparalleled in terms of quality and performance.

Trust in Enz Technik, world leader in the field of special nozzles for cleaning sewage systems.

Like to know more? Contact us; we’ll be pleased to provide you with detailed information on our products.

ENZ Nozzles - Datasheet (PDF)