Accessories and Spare Parts

Water Pumps

Water Pumps

Complete range of piston pumps for water, with pressures up to 1500 bars. Wide range of accessories and spare parts also available.

accessories spray gun lances

Spray Gun and Lances

Complete range of high pressure cleaning guns and lances, with pressures up to over 1500 bars.

accessories vacuum pumps

Vacuum Pumps

Blade vacuum pumps, with or without lubrication, air or water-cooled. Wide range of accessories and spare parts also available.

accessories valves gate valves

Valves and Gate Valves

Knife gate valves in brass, cast iron and stainless steel. Ball valves in brass or stainless steel for high or low pressures. Manual, pneumatic or hydraulic valves and gate valves.

accessories hydraulic pumps power takeoffs

Hydraulic Pumps and Power Takeoffs

Wide range of hydraulic pumps and intermediate or motor-operated power take-offs. Wide range of accessories and spare parts also available.

accessories high presure pipes

High Presure Pipes

High pressure pipes for hoses, in different diameters, materials and reinforcements (double textile braiding, double metal braiding, steel, teflon, etc.), for pressures up to over 2800 bars.

accessories water filters

Water Filters

Water filters for all needs, with different capacities, pressures and filtering grades.

accessories suction pipes and couplings

Suction Hoses & Couplings

Suction pipes for various materials (water, sludge, hydrocarbons, dust, etc.). Special suction pipes also with antistatic protection. Couplings for suction pipes in stainless, galvanised or raw steel for welding.

accessories nozzles pipe cleaning

Nozzles for Pipe Cleaning

Nozzles for hydrodynamic pipe cleaning. Static or rotating nozzles, galvanised or stainless steel, complete with steel or ceramic inserts. Static or rotating nozzles for lances.

accessories special nozzles

Special Nozzles

Special nozzles for cleaning pipes blocked or clogged by various materials (concrete, limescale, sand, gravel, roots, etc.). Special nozzles for flow rates and pressures over 2500 bars.
ENZ Nozzles

accessories push cameras

Push Cable Cameras

Push cameras for professional video inspection of pipes with diameters up to 400mm. Complete with photo and video recording system, localization, batteries and digital meter counter.

accessories motorized inspection cameras

Motorized Inspection Cameras

Motorised rotating wheel-mounted cameras for sewer inspection, with 360-degree rotating lenses, able to inspect pipes with diameters of over 1200mm. Possibility to set up a control station in any truck.

accessories inflatable plug

Pneumatic Pipe Plugs

Pneumatic inflatable pipe plugs of different sizes for full or partial pipe closure. Plugs for pipes with different sections (circular, oval, square, etc.) and materials (concrete, PVC, steel, etc.). Special plugs for air and water tightness tests.

accessories Pipeline Restoration

Pipeline Restoration

Materials for the partial refurbishment of pipes, joints, small leaks, cracks or other (packers, bi-component resins, special advantex fibreglass, push rods, etc.).

accessories hose reels and swivel joints

Hose Reels And Swivel Joints

A wide range of stainless steel or painted iron hose reels for high pressures. From the manual hose reels to automatic spring hose reels including a hose-guide system for retraction and hose positioning.

accessories professionalì equipment

Professional Equipment for High Pressure Washing

Wide range of professional models, with electric or petrol motors, with working pressure up to 500 Bars. Wide range of accessories and spare parts also available.

accessories for working safely in confined areas

Accessories For Working Safely In Confined Areas

A range of equipment and accessories to allow workers to operate safely in confined spaces in accordance with safety regulations.

other accessories

Other Accessories

Aluminium oil/air heat exchangers, EPDM seals.